Why to optimize a career page?

  • Over 80% of job seekers, when they see a job listing on external job portals or boards, will go to the company website to research about the company.
  • Imagine a skilled job seeker who does not know about your company, and your career page has his specific skills. How will the job seeker know about your job listing?
  • Job postings on external boards are pricey, time-bound, and prone to competition clutter. Moreover, they have a time clock of 30 days. How can we break free from these constraints, save costs, and avoid the hassle of sifting through irrelevant resumes?
  • Companies can directly optimize the career page, which will directly be searchable in various search engines with a bunch of advantages:
    • Promotes company brand and image
    • Serious candidates will apply on your career page and review several questions on your ATS.
    • You will reduce the cost of job postings on job boards
    • With your career page, you can post n number of job postings and attract talents directly And more.
    • Connect with us to understand and experience the advantages of career page optimization.