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 Thursday, March 4, 2010
Its no brainer to guess that search is the number one activity people do on the internet . Search has always been a very lucrative area with a lot of pull and money flowing in. This phenomena led to the emergence of many search engines popping one after the another promising artificial intelligence based results ( wolfram alpha ) to human powered results ( mahalo ).

Many of these search engines failed to sustain the initial buzz that was created by them. This can be attributed to many factors but honestly the fact is that these search engines couldn’t deliver what they had promised.

With all the push and pull happening a new breed of search engines began to slowly emerge. These search engines are what we refer to as the “vertical search engines”. Some people also call vertical search engines as aggregators. This is due to the fact that these type of search engines aggregate data from various sources and present it to the user. The most common way of aggregating data is by using xml feeds.

Now lets take a look into the top 3 reasons why general search engines fail and vertical search engines rock.

1. Specialized searches –If a person is looking out for a job. He can either go to a job board or do a simple look up on google. A google search would yield a very unordered result. We did a search and found out that 20 per cent of the results were unrelated. Results from news, blogs and article directories don’t help a jobseeker much esp when he is looking for a job. All he needs is to simply check the opening and submit his resume for that position.

2. Freshness – General search engines like google and yahoo do not crawl a website everyday and that’s why the indexed data is not always up to date. Some of the results can be over a month old. While in vertical search engines the xml feed that is sent to them by the publisher website tells them exactly when the content was published and notifies them of any changes. With the inbuilt mechanism of handling the feeds the xml data is updated and reindexed automatically. This ensures the freshness of the content or the job opening.

3. Specialized tools – Many industry specific vertical engines offer specialized tools that assists a user in exploring more about his topic of interest. For example indeed.com offers a salary calculator, job trends, email job alerts and forums where people can participate and get to know more. Basically vertical search engines provide a user with a “one stop shop” option which general search engines don’t.

Here is a report by a leading market research company ( Jupiter Media ) . They did a survey on the problems faced by users with general search engines.

The bottomline

Vertical search engines are here to stay. With a growing user base, revenue and the set of unique features that the vertical search engines provide. It won’t be a hard to guess that vertical search is the next big thing.
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 Tuesday, September 8, 2009
Year 2009 early September and global news floating around the dawn of global economy reviving – Few! Finally! Japan, Asia, EU and as per 'news' signs in America – Welcomed!

No - This subject is nothing new – so why waste writing one more – aahh, hmmm – as we are also waiting to get some work and nothing to do as such let’s write – Let's Share!

So – The Premises – Global Technology Professionals – Who have not yet seen 'that' slightest light beyond 30 days – very tough – we feel it - ……tried all friends and family and trying via external method to get till personal interview.

1st – Create 'Skill-O-Meter' – What's that – Its kind of Demand and Supply of your skill - Check www.indeed.com or www.simplyhired.com and its regional properties as per your country/preference – Typically a Technology Professional can work on more than 3 to 4 titles.

2nd – Search for your skill see how many openings it throws out – it will show on the top right hand side - put that number in your excel and see which State/City has the highest opening – do similar exercise in your different skills – so some direction…

3rd – You can dissect the data, by Company, Location, Salary, etc. now with some direction where there are more openings for your skills, and observe daily number increasing or decreasing this way you can get some real time 'Skill-O-Meter'.

4th – We suggest to have Gmail account – we have tested various major free e-mails – Hotmail, Yahoo, Live and specially e-mail provided by your ISP's they have such a high Spam filters that above 50% of time a recruiter's e-mail will go into your Spam box or not even reach you. Many e-mails that are auto-generated from companies Applicant Tracking System usually end up in Junk mail – We as recruiters have faced this situation many times with job seeker in turn missing an opportunity.

5th – Your Phone – Always charged, Clear Voice Mail, Always ON – keep it in Silent Mode, if you are busy this way you can see who all had called. A very important tool.

6th – Understand today's recruiter's are in immense pressure - to fill more position with less resources and within 24 hours. Companies are filling those few positions without even publishing within day or two. The process is On Demand, Now, Speed, sell first – fill later - They are overwhelmed with resumes – qualified or not but tons – so speed, response, follow up, research be ready with all your ammo (try Chawanprash)

7th – Your Resume – Ah! Resume – Not giving 'gyan' over here how to write an resume lot of stuff on this is 'out there' – Somehow a resume 'view life' is just 10 to 20 seconds to get an Call or e-mail – really a resume is just browse through by a recruiter to 'screen' before it reaches to hiring manager or next step.

8th – 'Be There' – Job Portals, Social sites, Open Searchable resume on Google, Niche sites, Classified sites,  Tech Forum, Local Conference, Blog, Join Virtual Yahoo, Google, etc. groups, reverse interview/marketing, cold calling/e-mail hiring managers, volunteer, publish some articles on relevant forum/blog, YouTube…

9th Tips – Job Portals – Fill all the fields, keep editing every 7 days - this way resume shows on top when a recruiter searches.
  • Social sites – Keep it updated, get recommendation, you can also keep 2 profiles one professional other personal – Network within.

  • YouTube – Have 30 seconds not more than that it should be intriguing to get you an interview .
10thI think this list making thing is getting boring – so let me end here – try different things – will continue later – bring on some 'NEW' stuff – North East West South.

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 Wednesday, February 14, 2007
They say it takes two weeks to get over a common cold, with or without medicine. Is it not the same scenario for "Just in Time recruitment" ? Nothing seems to work most of the time. Internet search,traditional style Unix job boards,job boards,referral, advertisement or any other sourcing channel available to a technical recruiter, does not seem to work for recruiting a technology professional in today's market. What can today's creative technical recruiter do to stay ahead of the pack. These are a few ideas and suggestions:
°    Like in life " Prevention is better than cure " for common cold, in the same analogy I believe the technical recruiter has to learn to build a pipeline of prospective candidates way before the requirement pops up, I.e instead of fire fighting.

°    "Home cures help manage common cold better" Similarly referrals, ATS (Applicant tracking system) mining, networking and advertising for pipeline will help manage talent better than "just in time" recruiting

°    " Good immune system helps keep common cold away", similarly good HR practices, training and best practices help retain talent thereby helping to reduce attrition.
As the common cold is a contentious, nagging trouble sometime fatal, technical recruiting has to be taken in complete seriousness. While seeking help from as many sources as possible (like technology groups, networking, advertisement in addition to job boards mining as in common cold, like homeopathic remedies,steam inhalation, herbal potions, balms love and care in addition to antibiotics.)

In the same essence is there a cure for a technical recruiter ? We have tried various therapies like Monster therapy , Dice Therapy , Careerbuilder therapy , Iitjobs therapy.There are many job boards the world, but still its difficult to find the right candidate But then does the recruiter find the right kind of people ?

The answer is "yes" and "no" both .

Its time to accept the hard fact that free resume search websites for employers or recruiters don't help much but they do help in creating that valuable pipeline.Basically a recruiter needs to systematically build relationships and develop networks .Technical recruiters need to get creative, strong and persistent to help deliver the scarce commodity of technical talent.

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 Thursday, February 1, 2007
What's and How's on searching for a job in the UK...
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 Saturday, December 16, 2006
Om Malick writes a contemporary article on the rise of Niche Job Boards. With online recruiting search at the highest growth rate and lack of trained talent in the market place the Niche boards play a pivotal role in the sourcing strategy of a cutting edge recruiter.
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 Tuesday, October 31, 2006
iitjobs.com is the result of a team Global IT Recruiters and Global IT Consultants who got together to find real solution for IT hiring managers and IT career seekers. As the world is ‘flat’ both the communities should be able to seek the best – Globally!
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 Wednesday, October 4, 2006
Did you know words like "assisted, experiment,Skillfully,effectively, carefully, quickly,expert, mastered etc" should not be a part of your resume? Good resource on "words to avoid in a resume"
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 Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Brain Drain to Brain Gain--The best example of Flattening of the Global Talent Market. The Vision for the Road Ahead....
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 Monday, August 28, 2006
Simple rules freshers should follow to kickstart their career. A comman sense approach at things to avoid during a job search.
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 Friday, August 18, 2006
Guy Kawasaki's, interview with Libby Sartain of Yahoo! is an excellent resource for candidates and recruiters
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 Monday, August 7, 2006
What are recruiters and candidates looking for in Job Boards 2.0 and 3.0 ?
Monday, August 7, 2006 10:06:48 PM (Eastern Standard Time, UTC-05:00)  #    Disclaimer  |  Comments [8]  | 
 Monday, July 31, 2006
Welcome to iitjobs.com As a unique pure IT global career portal it is our endevour to bring together global expert views on recruitment and career growth. Please suggest your views to neeraj @ iitjobs.com.
Monday, July 31, 2006 11:13:55 AM (Eastern Standard Time, UTC-05:00)  #    Disclaimer  |  Comments [16]  |