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 Saturday, November 10, 2007
Would you say every country is self sufficient with opportunity providers and appropriate, qualified talent alike? No? Well, how then, would you fill that void?

The answer is to spread your horizons and look beyond your boundaries. With the governments of almost all the countries relaxing their rules for easy movement of Technology (IT) talent from any one point in the world to the other, the world has become flat in its true essence. And with this there is no better segment to be in than IT. I would like to share one such fabulous success story with you. This will also disillusion our fellow recruiters who swear by one job board or another for total solutions. Believe me, NOTHING WORKS.

As we are all aware that US is known as the land of opportunities and home for large and small corporations alike. One such 20 year old, NASDAQ listed,over $500 million company had this gigantic task of employing a huge number of experienced candidates for various positions that they had open. They tried all the job boards, newspapers, references or whatever other means that they could to fill those positions at the earliest, but are not really successful. So here is what they do. They fall back on us to try to gather such talent from anywhere in the world to work in the US on H1b's Visa's

How did we accomplish it? We worked in different shifts, looked up all the leading job boards, ended up with almost the same candidates on them,launched a campaign and ultimately with all the push and shove, managed to get a handful bunch to work for the US. In the entire screening and grunt work process we realized that one thing really works perfectly. It is always a mix of various sourcing strategies with the scales tipping more towards the personal networking and references.

We were able to tap technology professionals from all over the world with top-notch skills from - Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, UK, U.A.E (Dubai), South Africa and India. All together we had hard to find skills over 50
professionals approved for USA on H1b Visa.  
iitjobs global job advertisement, global technology database and networking enabled us to successfully execute the project.

About The author - Firozy is a IT recruiter working with matrix7i. She has a extensive recruitement experience in key skills such as SAP and Oracle. She can be reached at firozy AT matrix7i.com

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