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 Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Started thinking in 2003, visualizing in 2004, vetting in 2005 and dived in
2006 and OH MY GOD.. Happy in 2003, excited in 2004, elevated in 2005,
epitome in 2006, hit 'the wall' in 2007, climbed 'the wall' in 2008, got
drenched in 2009 and having Fun..

Since 'thinking' internet market place for job portals scene has changed
dramatically - vertical search engines, peer to peer sites, social sites,
classified websites, individual job insertions on Blogs, media, Job postings via
online Advertisements and not yet on mobile - our take is it will not be
100% possible to purely build on mobile technologies because of the various
field required to search - oops did we say search maybe the big daddy will
find something in future or maybe purely in interactive voice response?

For us job portals are here to stay and just in few years will be the only
way to find jobs / candidates. Wherever there is not a challenge to find job
seekers / skills, those job / skills do not require job portals and could
be filled by internal/ referral/ free sites/ Social Sites. But wherever there
is challenge to find and jobs which are open for more than seven days then
you require Job Portal - that's where we are in that segment - even today
there is a challenge to find Technology Professionals if only Technology
professionals are in abundant than we should not be in this business - this
will not happen for many years for there is a lot of innovation / vast/
complexity in Technology - it will only happen if the world just accepts
everything under Google! Till then we will be keep breathing..
Welcome 2010 - our take is it will be same as 2009 a mediocre to a bad year
for jobs.

So gear-up, get back to drawing board, innovate and pray - Wish you all a
Very happy New Year

Team iitjobs

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