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 Monday, April 20, 2009

That’s right, it is official and we are in a recession. I know, I know, I should be shaking in my boots like a good mind-controlled puppet, but all that shaking just kicked my brain into gear.

A few things flashed across my mind:
   1. It feels like this recession is the recession of a millennium; 
   2. Bad things are going to happen and there is nothing we can do to stop it; 
   3. An invisible hand is going to make my money disappear so I should hold on to it as hard as I can.

Everyone was living happily and no one seemed to have clue about what was going to happen. Then, BOOM the stock market tanked. BOOM, companies bankrupted. BOOM, the world is going to end and all we can do is to sit tight and fasten the seatbelt on the boat going straight to hell. When did we buy the boat ticket anyways? This time it just seems like everything is going wrong all at the same time, and all other recessions were really just peanuts in comparison. Do you believe in this? If so, then congratulations, you are under the spell of the media. The recession is not necessarily that much worse than the times before, but the media certainly made sure that it is the best elaborated on in history. But wait a minute are we truly in recession – for me recession is long period of Recess in ones life while continuously seeking to make some basic money and not able to make – the efforts can be to find a job, take a temporarily short term unrelated job, starting something own – like a chaithella, tutor, online various work – there IS workout there but if someone puts the formulas I need minimum that salary, this title, that job and not innovate to generate income - that contributes to recess.
Yes my friends and relatives have been affected by the their own slow down – they were at comfort zone for many years and could not forecast long recess time – yes they have all the means to carry on without work for the past savings they have but still not generating small income.
In my daily life as global technical recruiter – yes we head hunt people for India, Singapore, Australia, UK, USA, and Canada markets specific to software engineers and I still have my job – my boss  Yells at me – why are you not able to find candidates, why it is taking so much time to find candidates, why are you not doing your minimum numbers … - Yes we have good number of openings and all the tools (more than that) of the world at our disposal to get candidates but after making call after calls to candidates they tell me they are not interested – 8 out of 10 candidates are busy!  - I think specific to Technology candidates with experience between 4 to 10 years with hands on experience are busy globally.
When I’m heading for my work everyday I read – see everywhere about recession – hmmm let me see when I will get hit with ‘my recess’ – lets get this session over by working hard – Jai Ho!

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