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 Thursday, February 1, 2007

Being a recruiter the most commonly asked question which i regularly face is that,how to search for a job in the uk ? and my answer to that is always .....huh???? Recently the UK has opened its borders to the geeks and has virtually put a red carpet for IT professionals. This move by the is being seen as a major way to boost its inflow of high tech labour.

There yet are many countries yet to follow the suit but the UK has been the first one to implement this kind of policy after Uncle sam did way back in the 90's.Well over the times software industry has gone through some radical changes right from algorithms to outsourcing.People might argue that outsourcing is bad but frankly speaking its helping the economies more than ever.As per a report the average employment in th US has been to a record low,i guess this is a suitable explanation for the above.

Nowdays skills like SAP and open source technologies are in huge demand.SAP is very hot these days and of course traditional programming languages like C++ and Java are also in the wanted list.In the united states market SAP is in huge demand and so it is in UK.As the software industry is booming and cash is flowing like never before the companies have started investing more in ERP/CRM applications and even provide free training to its employees.If i would have been in some candidates shoes i would go for SAP or any other ERP/CRM package

Now comes the question "how to search for a job in the UK" ,well it isn't easy as it seems you can either post your resume on a job board or look for headhunters.While posting your resume on a job board is the easiest option but it may not be the most effective option( correct me if i am wrong ) but the best way out is through traditional means a.k.a Network.Job boards do provide a global reach for your resume but the key is posting your resume on a niche job board or a industry specific job board...that will greatly increase your chances of being noticed.

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