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 Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Knock Knock:
Who’s There?
Head Hunter
Head Hunter Who?
A Hunter who just ‘offers’

Wake-Up Head Hunters!

Finally after long drag it seems (yes the word is still ‘seems’) Head Hunters are coming back – so gear up, clean up, oil up, load up and …. Get ready to roll !

Ammo: Job Advertisement
You are looking, We are looking and the World is looking – Yes – close to 25% of World’s Internet population is looking for Jobs on Internet –That’s 250 million people and growing! Why to loose out on quality talent that is searching on the internet just because you can not post your Job for many unknown reasons but primarily – Cost!

We at iitjobs thought of it to make things simple for Head Hunter and for Job Seekers Head Hunters after registration you just need to send job openings at postjobs@iitjobs.com and our very simple yet powerful XML technology will do your job postings automatically – Bam and Done !!! More over all Jobs Posted at iitjobs portal are optimized using SEO strategies and coding that ensures better indexing by the search engines and our xml technology that delivers jobs automatically to all the important and high trafficked vertical job sites.

So when as a Head Hunter you post a job your job opening it automatically gets picked by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other search engines. And that’s not all, The job postings are also picked up and displayed on vertical search engines like Indeed.com, Simplyhired.com etc etc.

The bottom line is that people are out there looking for jobs on the internet and vise-versa!

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