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 Wednesday, February 14, 2007
They say it takes two weeks to get over a common cold, with or without medicine. Is it not the same scenario for "Just in Time recruitment" ? Nothing seems to work most of the time. Internet search,traditional style Unix job boards,job boards,referral, advertisement or any other sourcing channel available to a technical recruiter, does not seem to work for recruiting a technology professional in today's market. What can today's creative technical recruiter do to stay ahead of the pack. These are a few ideas and suggestions:
°    Like in life " Prevention is better than cure " for common cold, in the same analogy I believe the technical recruiter has to learn to build a pipeline of prospective candidates way before the requirement pops up, I.e instead of fire fighting.

°    "Home cures help manage common cold better" Similarly referrals, ATS (Applicant tracking system) mining, networking and advertising for pipeline will help manage talent better than "just in time" recruiting

°    " Good immune system helps keep common cold away", similarly good HR practices, training and best practices help retain talent thereby helping to reduce attrition.
As the common cold is a contentious, nagging trouble sometime fatal, technical recruiting has to be taken in complete seriousness. While seeking help from as many sources as possible (like technology groups, networking, advertisement in addition to job boards mining as in common cold, like homeopathic remedies,steam inhalation, herbal potions, balms love and care in addition to antibiotics.)

In the same essence is there a cure for a technical recruiter ? We have tried various therapies like Monster therapy , Dice Therapy , Careerbuilder therapy , Iitjobs therapy.There are many job boards the world, but still its difficult to find the right candidate But then does the recruiter find the right kind of people ?

The answer is "yes" and "no" both .

Its time to accept the hard fact that free resume search websites for employers or recruiters don't help much but they do help in creating that valuable pipeline.Basically a recruiter needs to systematically build relationships and develop networks .Technical recruiters need to get creative, strong and persistent to help deliver the scarce commodity of technical talent.

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