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 Saturday, November 10, 2007
"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working
together is success." - Henry Ford

Power of Global Job board combine with Networking serves a large client in Australia   

Simply put, Recruitment is the fine art of finding a right person for a  right job at right time.
Although difficult for these three factors to fall in line; it is not impossible either.

An e-mail from my VP for the technology (IT) requirement for an Australian company baffled me initially.
'Cause, some of the skills mentioned therein were completely new to me. And I confess, I had
never even heard of them as they were very recent skills set. Therefore, to be able to pre-screen a
suitable candidate, a little research was imperative. Post research, I realized that most of the skills were Oracle Applications related. And the next thing was to funnel resumes for the same.

Our team strategically sourced candidate names from iitjobs. After some screening and a little chat with one of the candidates we also learnt that the required skills were interrelated. And that made Resume funneling a bit

However, since most of the prospective candidates were available either on weekends or at night, tracking and talking to them and to convince them of this opening posed a problem too.

But as luck would have it, the very first candidate I spoke to turned out to be the most suitable one too. Talking to him was a great experience and I learned a lots more about the required skills and their inter-relatedness.

But, what still puzled me was - why a large resourceful Australian company would outsource recruitment ? Of course, the company urgently wanted candidates with extensive in BPEL (Business Process Execution Language)experience. Running out of time, they were unable to find a suitable candidate in Australia since BPEL is a tough terrain and hence a rare skill.Naturally, urgency played a role too.

Probably a sum total of all such factors prompted them to tap into our expertise and resources to broaden their search globally vis-a-vis friendly Australian immigration policy - 457. And within just 2 weeks we gave them a
suitably qualified candidate.

But there were 2 vacancies, and they were still short of one.

We called up the selected guy to know if he has any friend/colleague with similar expertise. He could win an iPod if he recommends a suitable candidate and that candidate gets selected. And voila! He popped out two
names and one of them got selected.

And surprise of surprises, this new candidate did not have his resume on any job board. But thanks to an eager referral we were able to track one more candidate who fit the bill perfectly.  I think that speaks volumes about power of networking. Of course, prompt response and quick efficient processing by the Australian company made a
difference too.

We encourage referrals. And while tracking and talking to prospective candidates, we often get such useful references from most of them. It was a rewarding learning experience that reasserts the truth about what Henry ford
has said.

About The author- Rucha is a IT recruiter with Matrix7i. She has over 5 Years of recruiting experience with some of the top staffing companies operating in the IT domain. She can be reached at rucha AT matrix7i.com

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