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 Friday, November 12, 2010

I had recently turned 20, which according to me was a turning point of my life. No more teenage sagas, time to get more matured. So I asked myself, Shirin, what do you want to do now that you are considering yourself a tad more matured? The answer was almost immediate – I have to get independent. “Yeah, easier said than done mate” said so my inner self. I have always been a father’s girl, a mother’s friend, a baby’s sister and everything else. I wanted to get out of the box. So I decided on getting a job for myself. Dude I am 20. I shouldn’t need to ask my folks for pocket monies, do I? Here I was job hunting, and there an opportunity knocked on my doors.

It was a whirlwind of a romance and the next thing I know is that I am being hired at an efficient IT recruitment firm in my city. Frankly I had no idea what I was going to do amidst these experienced blokes sitting around me ticking away on their comps, never hesitating to pick up the phone, make a call and talk to a complete stranger like they have known him for ages!! So full of mixed emotions, apprehension, nervousness, excitement and adventure I started off into the world of Technical Recruitment.

The training part was pretty smooth. I got to learn things. And pretty things that too. Job posting, learning to use various portals, studying the requirement, trying to understand it to the fullest, trying to find suitable resources, making submissions; name it and I learnt it. All the more, kept an ear open for the fellow recruiters around as they made calls and talked to candidates. Learn learn learn was the agenda. Within three days of my joining, I was all set to make my first professional call.

Keeping aside all the hesitations, I made that call. Soon I was getting the hang of it. One call became ten. Ten became twenty. Shirin, girl going on full throttle! One whole week has passed. I had worked on 2 requirements which seemed like some irrelevant blabber at first but a thorough research made understanding them a bit easier. All I wanted to do was get into a good rhythm. Over the weekend, something unexpected had happened which was about to present itself on Monday.

I wonder why Garfield hates Mondays in particular. I kind of adore them. That’s when I had gone in to see that three of the candidates I had submitted for one of the skills – SAP FICO had been short listed for the first round of interview with our client. The results were starting to show. It was exhilarating. My senior who had trained me in the first place, helped me out with scheduling the interviews. The first round is usually a telephonic round where the HR person conducts a walk-in through the candidate’s resume. It was my duty to ensure that the concerned candidates take up the interview at the allotted time. Hence the first round was conducted.

Days passed, two out of the three candidates were shortlisted for the second round. That being a face to face one. Things started getting onto a serious note for them. For me it was the same task of scheduling the interviews, making sure the candidates show up at the client’s office punctually, a follow up after the interview. I really liked to follow up with my candidates; making sure that their interview went well. If not, giving a few soothing words. It made me feel a tad more human. Anyhow, another candidate was eliminated in the second round. Only one remained. I never gave a second thought as to what our (his and mine) fate might hold. I was having conversations with him almost every day. He seemed confident while getting through the various levels of interview. It must have been a stringent procedure for him. But hey, this is the professional world. You have to prove your worth at each and every stage.

On a Thursday morning, a week from then, I was going about the usual business. Making calls, collecting details. I had almost completed a month working there and yet I marveled at the things I could discover every new day. Right when I was on a call, someone tried to reach out to me. My colleague did me a favor and took the call. It was the third candidate. I could hear the one way conversation but couldn’t quite register it. As my friend was done with the call, she had a huge grin plastered on her face and was waiting for me to get over with my call. Even I was eager. I wrapped up my call and turned to her for the update.

I had made my first placement!! My candidate was through all the rounds of interview and he was hired by our client company. He was going to start within next week. It was a thrilling piece of news. I had never thought I could reach this point so soon. I was happy for the guy who got a new job. I was happy for myself too. The next day our boss e-mailed the team. The first line said “Shirin, welcome to the world of Recruitment”…….

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 Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Knock Knock:
Who’s There?
Head Hunter
Head Hunter Who?
A Hunter who just ‘offers’

Wake-Up Head Hunters!

Finally after long drag it seems (yes the word is still ‘seems’) Head Hunters are coming back – so gear up, clean up, oil up, load up and …. Get ready to roll !

Ammo: Job Advertisement
You are looking, We are looking and the World is looking – Yes – close to 25% of World’s Internet population is looking for Jobs on Internet –That’s 250 million people and growing! Why to loose out on quality talent that is searching on the internet just because you can not post your Job for many unknown reasons but primarily – Cost!

We at iitjobs thought of it to make things simple for Head Hunter and for Job Seekers Head Hunters after registration you just need to send job openings at postjobs@iitjobs.com and our very simple yet powerful XML technology will do your job postings automatically – Bam and Done !!! More over all Jobs Posted at iitjobs portal are optimized using SEO strategies and coding that ensures better indexing by the search engines and our xml technology that delivers jobs automatically to all the important and high trafficked vertical job sites.

So when as a Head Hunter you post a job your job opening it automatically gets picked by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other search engines. And that’s not all, The job postings are also picked up and displayed on vertical search engines like Indeed.com, Simplyhired.com etc etc.

The bottom line is that people are out there looking for jobs on the internet and vise-versa!

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 Thursday, March 4, 2010
Its no brainer to guess that search is the number one activity people do on the internet . Search has always been a very lucrative area with a lot of pull and money flowing in. This phenomena led to the emergence of many search engines popping one after the another promising artificial intelligence based results ( wolfram alpha ) to human powered results ( mahalo ).

Many of these search engines failed to sustain the initial buzz that was created by them. This can be attributed to many factors but honestly the fact is that these search engines couldn’t deliver what they had promised.

With all the push and pull happening a new breed of search engines began to slowly emerge. These search engines are what we refer to as the “vertical search engines”. Some people also call vertical search engines as aggregators. This is due to the fact that these type of search engines aggregate data from various sources and present it to the user. The most common way of aggregating data is by using xml feeds.

Now lets take a look into the top 3 reasons why general search engines fail and vertical search engines rock.

1. Specialized searches –If a person is looking out for a job. He can either go to a job board or do a simple look up on google. A google search would yield a very unordered result. We did a search and found out that 20 per cent of the results were unrelated. Results from news, blogs and article directories don’t help a jobseeker much esp when he is looking for a job. All he needs is to simply check the opening and submit his resume for that position.

2. Freshness – General search engines like google and yahoo do not crawl a website everyday and that’s why the indexed data is not always up to date. Some of the results can be over a month old. While in vertical search engines the xml feed that is sent to them by the publisher website tells them exactly when the content was published and notifies them of any changes. With the inbuilt mechanism of handling the feeds the xml data is updated and reindexed automatically. This ensures the freshness of the content or the job opening.

3. Specialized tools – Many industry specific vertical engines offer specialized tools that assists a user in exploring more about his topic of interest. For example indeed.com offers a salary calculator, job trends, email job alerts and forums where people can participate and get to know more. Basically vertical search engines provide a user with a “one stop shop” option which general search engines don’t.

Here is a report by a leading market research company ( Jupiter Media ) . They did a survey on the problems faced by users with general search engines.

The bottomline

Vertical search engines are here to stay. With a growing user base, revenue and the set of unique features that the vertical search engines provide. It won’t be a hard to guess that vertical search is the next big thing.
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 Friday, January 29, 2010

We are pleased to announce that iitjobs is now offering RPO services. We hope to eliminate the overhead cost burden that many recruitment companies are nowadays facing due to the rapidly spiralling economy. Be a small organization or a big recruitment firm outsourcing has definitive advantages in terms of cost savings.

Since iitjobs has been a premier IT specific job board and the value & job market experience we bring with us is second to none. Our years of real "down in the deep" experience and scalable infrastructure can provide you with cutting edge recruitment solutions. More information can be found here -



To set up a one to one consultation services please drop us a email at rposolutions@iitjobs.com or call us at 510-248-4343.

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 Monday, January 11, 2010

First it’s good to get an e mail / call for better work and pay. It’s good to be on Job Site – But you are not sure if your employer will find out or not? Unwanted Spams / Calls? Can I delete? How a recruiters searches and sees / uses the resume? What happens after 356 days? So Pros / Cons if you post resume on a Job Board?

The Internet, has made a lot of things in a human being's life easier. Finding a job is one of them. Previously, hunting for a job meant visiting a company personally and submitting your resume or applying through a friend/acquaintance. The other way was to respond to newspaper ads. Practically, this technique was very time consuming and with very less results as the candidate could reach out to a handful of employers.

To reach out to innumerable employers across the world, today's job seekers uses Internet to seek job and more and more Internet would be the de-facto place to find job. All are the same, job portals, social sites, peer-to-peer or whatever that jargon will be – if you are on Internet you will get ‘calls’. If you are employee our suggestion is do upload your resume as you never know what great opportunity you will miss. But just put your First Name, e mail id and your skills – THAT’S ALL – DO NOT PUT – Home Address, Mobile number, Birthday, Passport number, references, etc – again just put First Name, e mail id and your skills


Job-seekers can just log on to view thousands of job openings across the world, without going anywhere (the good old newspaper has only hundreds of openings that come once a week.) All job postings do not have a clear information of the requirement, resulting in candidate applying for a wrong job or maybe even ignoring it.
They can look for relevant jobs based on domain, experience, location, type, skills and a lot more. Certain job boards spam the candidate's mail box with unwanted job requirements. A candidate may start ignoring the job board's mails after sometime as a result.
You can save and edit different versions of their resumes by simply filling in the questions and then apply for any job with a single click without the need for posting the resume again. Candidate gets calls from recruiters, at times even for unwanted positions.
Candidates can view the profile of any company in the job site that has details posted.   Candidate's personal information like mobile cell number, email-id, address, personal information etc. are shared with  other businesses for cold calling. e.g. Insurance agents, investment agents, etc.
Candidates can  view all jobs by a specific employer. Candidate's experience details can be used for making sales calls to the company by retrieving the company name  and location.
Candidates can view list of all applications – jobs applied for.  If a candidate puts his official email-id in his resume, it can be used to reach the other employees of the same firm.
Candidates can email a specific job to a friend.  By using the candidate's project details, recruitment firms can prepare a fake resume and apply it to the company for doing reverse marketing.
Candidates can print a specific job details.  Personal details of a candidate like Passport no., Social Security number, etc can be misused resulting in the candidate's name getting involved into some legal matter.
At a small price (Internet usage) candidates can apply for various jobs. They need not buy lots of newspapers or travel to a lot of places for job hunting. Confidential information such as new technologies or marketing strategies is at stake when a candidates posts his resume online, as it could be picked up other companies for misuse.
Searching for a job on the Internet is less time consuming as compared to the traditional method.  If a candidate's resume is located by representatives of his/her company on a job board, it could jeopardize his/her career prospects. 
As new IT job vacancies are advertised on the site, the recruiters  can keep the candidate informed by email of any new opportunity that matches his/her requirements. It is far easier for a recruiter to rule a candidate out based on specific criteria such as experience, qualifications, and knowledge base rather than the more subjective criteria such as personal attributes/characteristics, strengths or personality.
Job boards show the candidate only the relevant job listings  based on his/ her search criteria. Some candidates give the names and contact details of their references. This information can be misused for sales calls, etc.
Job Boards have resume creating resources that help a candidate enhance his/her resume and also help to write a good cover letter. Candidates may get mails/calls from people offering them a job that is a scam, resulting in the candidate losing money and worst may end up involved in a legal case.
Candidate is at peace with the thought that he has tried his best to reach out to the maximum companies across the globe. Candidate may receive mails which contain viruses/worms resulting in some harm to his/her PC.
Various job boards provide advice/information/guidance on one's career which can be implemented successfully to enhance career growth. After a candidate's resume is downloaded by an employer or a recruiter, physically tracking it is impossible. Without the candidate's consent it may get duplicated on other sites.
Candidates can subscribe to newsletters that contain valuable tips about job hunting and current trends. While job boards and resume database sites can be a job search tool worth utilizing, using this approach exclusively is passive job hunting and not likely to be very effective. 
Candidates can establish a good relationship with professional recruiters who can help them and their friends successfully in getting the right job. Mass posting your resume on various job sites may result in potential employers and recruiters to overlook your profile.
Candidates can earn referral booty(some job boards really do have a referral policy) by referring apt candidates for a given position. Candidates spend lot of time being pre-screened by recruiters, submitting long forms with a hope to get a break in their job hunting. They are rewarded with voice-mails or no responses in return, leaving them frustrated.
When a candidate's resume is shortlisted from a Job Board, his/her resume is passing a pre-selection system and when it comes on the desk of hiring managers they will read it very carefully.  Candidates need to keep contact details in their resumes updated, otherwise recruiters may miss them for a suitable job opening.
Another advantage is that the use of online communication is less intrusive than traditional methods. If you're already employed, you can spend time during nights and weekends perusing sites maintained by employers or job search companies, posting resumes and more, all without conflicting with your current job. For any advertised position, candidate has to face a lot of competition as job boards invite thousands of applications for the same posting.
If a candidate keeps his resume updated with the Key skills or with a proper objective/subject line, it is easy of a recruiter or employer to notice his resume among thousands of applications. Many job boards are not in the business of job seekers find work. They are in the business of advertising and just post job ads.
Most reputable job boards have features that enable you to protect your own privacy and confidentiality, control who sees your cv, mask the identity of your current employer (so your employer doesn't know you're looking), and easily edit and delete your cv or change it from active to inactive. Many job postings do not have a name and contact no. with whom candidates can follow up.
Print job ads offer only one way communication, i.e., people can see the ads and reply; while Job Board offers two way communications, where companies can contact suitable candidates and vice versa.  If a candidate puts fake experience in his resume, this would hamper his career prospects.
By posting resume on a job board, a candidate can know his market worth even if he/she is not actively looking for a change in job. An online job posting is sometimes not genuine.  The employer is surveying the market to test their current remuneration packages and to see if any of their employees respond.
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 Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Started thinking in 2003, visualizing in 2004, vetting in 2005 and dived in
2006 and OH MY GOD.. Happy in 2003, excited in 2004, elevated in 2005,
epitome in 2006, hit 'the wall' in 2007, climbed 'the wall' in 2008, got
drenched in 2009 and having Fun..

Since 'thinking' internet market place for job portals scene has changed
dramatically - vertical search engines, peer to peer sites, social sites,
classified websites, individual job insertions on Blogs, media, Job postings via
online Advertisements and not yet on mobile - our take is it will not be
100% possible to purely build on mobile technologies because of the various
field required to search - oops did we say search maybe the big daddy will
find something in future or maybe purely in interactive voice response?

For us job portals are here to stay and just in few years will be the only
way to find jobs / candidates. Wherever there is not a challenge to find job
seekers / skills, those job / skills do not require job portals and could
be filled by internal/ referral/ free sites/ Social Sites. But wherever there
is challenge to find and jobs which are open for more than seven days then
you require Job Portal - that's where we are in that segment - even today
there is a challenge to find Technology Professionals if only Technology
professionals are in abundant than we should not be in this business - this
will not happen for many years for there is a lot of innovation / vast/
complexity in Technology - it will only happen if the world just accepts
everything under Google! Till then we will be keep breathing..
Welcome 2010 - our take is it will be same as 2009 a mediocre to a bad year
for jobs.

So gear-up, get back to drawing board, innovate and pray - Wish you all a
Very happy New Year

Team iitjobs

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 Tuesday, September 8, 2009
Year 2009 early September and global news floating around the dawn of global economy reviving – Few! Finally! Japan, Asia, EU and as per 'news' signs in America – Welcomed!

No - This subject is nothing new – so why waste writing one more – aahh, hmmm – as we are also waiting to get some work and nothing to do as such let’s write – Let's Share!

So – The Premises – Global Technology Professionals – Who have not yet seen 'that' slightest light beyond 30 days – very tough – we feel it - ……tried all friends and family and trying via external method to get till personal interview.

1st – Create 'Skill-O-Meter' – What's that – Its kind of Demand and Supply of your skill - Check www.indeed.com or www.simplyhired.com and its regional properties as per your country/preference – Typically a Technology Professional can work on more than 3 to 4 titles.

2nd – Search for your skill see how many openings it throws out – it will show on the top right hand side - put that number in your excel and see which State/City has the highest opening – do similar exercise in your different skills – so some direction…

3rd – You can dissect the data, by Company, Location, Salary, etc. now with some direction where there are more openings for your skills, and observe daily number increasing or decreasing this way you can get some real time 'Skill-O-Meter'.

4th – We suggest to have Gmail account – we have tested various major free e-mails – Hotmail, Yahoo, Live and specially e-mail provided by your ISP's they have such a high Spam filters that above 50% of time a recruiter's e-mail will go into your Spam box or not even reach you. Many e-mails that are auto-generated from companies Applicant Tracking System usually end up in Junk mail – We as recruiters have faced this situation many times with job seeker in turn missing an opportunity.

5th – Your Phone – Always charged, Clear Voice Mail, Always ON – keep it in Silent Mode, if you are busy this way you can see who all had called. A very important tool.

6th – Understand today's recruiter's are in immense pressure - to fill more position with less resources and within 24 hours. Companies are filling those few positions without even publishing within day or two. The process is On Demand, Now, Speed, sell first – fill later - They are overwhelmed with resumes – qualified or not but tons – so speed, response, follow up, research be ready with all your ammo (try Chawanprash)

7th – Your Resume – Ah! Resume – Not giving 'gyan' over here how to write an resume lot of stuff on this is 'out there' – Somehow a resume 'view life' is just 10 to 20 seconds to get an Call or e-mail – really a resume is just browse through by a recruiter to 'screen' before it reaches to hiring manager or next step.

8th – 'Be There' – Job Portals, Social sites, Open Searchable resume on Google, Niche sites, Classified sites,  Tech Forum, Local Conference, Blog, Join Virtual Yahoo, Google, etc. groups, reverse interview/marketing, cold calling/e-mail hiring managers, volunteer, publish some articles on relevant forum/blog, YouTube…

9th Tips – Job Portals – Fill all the fields, keep editing every 7 days - this way resume shows on top when a recruiter searches.
  • Social sites – Keep it updated, get recommendation, you can also keep 2 profiles one professional other personal – Network within.

  • YouTube – Have 30 seconds not more than that it should be intriguing to get you an interview .
10thI think this list making thing is getting boring – so let me end here – try different things – will continue later – bring on some 'NEW' stuff – North East West South.

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 Monday, April 20, 2009

That’s right, it is official and we are in a recession. I know, I know, I should be shaking in my boots like a good mind-controlled puppet, but all that shaking just kicked my brain into gear.

A few things flashed across my mind:
   1. It feels like this recession is the recession of a millennium; 
   2. Bad things are going to happen and there is nothing we can do to stop it; 
   3. An invisible hand is going to make my money disappear so I should hold on to it as hard as I can.

Everyone was living happily and no one seemed to have clue about what was going to happen. Then, BOOM the stock market tanked. BOOM, companies bankrupted. BOOM, the world is going to end and all we can do is to sit tight and fasten the seatbelt on the boat going straight to hell. When did we buy the boat ticket anyways? This time it just seems like everything is going wrong all at the same time, and all other recessions were really just peanuts in comparison. Do you believe in this? If so, then congratulations, you are under the spell of the media. The recession is not necessarily that much worse than the times before, but the media certainly made sure that it is the best elaborated on in history. But wait a minute are we truly in recession – for me recession is long period of Recess in ones life while continuously seeking to make some basic money and not able to make – the efforts can be to find a job, take a temporarily short term unrelated job, starting something own – like a chaithella, tutor, online various work – there IS workout there but if someone puts the formulas I need minimum that salary, this title, that job and not innovate to generate income - that contributes to recess.
Yes my friends and relatives have been affected by the their own slow down – they were at comfort zone for many years and could not forecast long recess time – yes they have all the means to carry on without work for the past savings they have but still not generating small income.
In my daily life as global technical recruiter – yes we head hunt people for India, Singapore, Australia, UK, USA, and Canada markets specific to software engineers and I still have my job – my boss  Yells at me – why are you not able to find candidates, why it is taking so much time to find candidates, why are you not doing your minimum numbers … - Yes we have good number of openings and all the tools (more than that) of the world at our disposal to get candidates but after making call after calls to candidates they tell me they are not interested – 8 out of 10 candidates are busy!  - I think specific to Technology candidates with experience between 4 to 10 years with hands on experience are busy globally.
When I’m heading for my work everyday I read – see everywhere about recession – hmmm let me see when I will get hit with ‘my recess’ – lets get this session over by working hard – Jai Ho!

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