Hybrid role

Duration: 12 Months 

The IAM Engineer role will consist of two components:
1. Ability to customize Saviynt including custom connectors, workflows, role mining, etc.
2. Where required, take legacy text-file or SQL-based connectors, and refactor them into API driven connectors. These APIs will be implemented via Azure Integration Services, with AIS serving as an API gateway. 
·IAM Experience
Engineer should have experience developing IAM connectors.
Saviynt experience is preferred but similar experience is acceptable provided the candidate can learn the Saviynt APIs required
Extensive experience in refactoring text-file based connectors and SQL-based connectors to modern API-based connectors
Custom job and multilevel workflow development
Extensive experience performing ETL routines as required as part of IAM data pipelines
Familiar with concepts such as role mining, separations of duty, role attestation, RBAC, and ABAC
·API Experience:
Must be experienced in general RESTful API implementation
Familiarity with Azure Integration Services as an API gateway is a plus
Must be comfortable looking at publicly available APIs and implementing an API gateway to secure API calls
Experience with Object Relational Modeling (ORM) development is a plus
·Soft skills
Must be able to document all work for knowledge transfer
Must be able to take high level functional requirements and translate them to code as required

Key Skills



Any Graduate